Kahuna is proud to have provided the Engineering and Design for the Dark Horse Sour Gas Treating and Carbon Capture Facility in the Northeastern Delaware Basin.

Kahuna provided Dark Horse with a design of 10,000 horsepower inlet compression, sour condensate stabilization, amine treating, and dehydration. As part of the injection process, the facility also included 4,500 horsepower acid gas compression and an 18,000-foot CO2 and H2S sequestration well. Dark Horse is expandable to treat up to 240 million cubic feet of sour gas per day.

With this design our client is able to gather and treat natural gas containing H2S and CO2. Moreover, they will have the ability to deliver treated sweet gas to multiple third-party gas processing plants.

Kahuna has the proven ability to execute projects through an EPCM T&M project approach, as well as a Lump Sum EPC project structure with proven construction partner relationships. In short, Kahuna will fit your desired contract and project approach.

Acid Gas