Kahuna has executed approximately 500 miles of pipeline – from the hills of Pennsylvania and West Virginia, through the flat terrain of North Dakota, to the high mountains of Colorado.


Kahuna has experience in all the national plays in gas gathering, including well pad design, gathering, metering, field compression / dehydration and complete compressor stations for full field gathering to a phased development based on drilling plans.

Throughout our 22 year history Kahuna has provided guidance to our clients to build gathering and transmission pipelines by leading teams on route selection, understanding land owner concerns, regulatory challenges, materials and methods, early engagement with in-house construction management. The process has been documented and successfully implemented within a program defined as SLEEC (Survey, Land, Environment, Engineering and Construction). Kahuna’s SLEEC team has completed over 100 miles of pipeline work in the Marcellus/ Appalachian Mountains with success in meeting client timelines and limited field engagement with oversight agencies.

Midstream Facility

Kahuna has the expertise to provide hydraulic modeling for gathering and distribution of hydrocarbon products through pipelines, the safest way to transport commodities.

Application of code is understood and discussed with the clients in the early project planning including utilization of in-house experts in compliance and regulation. Kahuna executes engineering and construction for water, oil, gas, and NGL pipelines in accordance with ASME codes B31.4 and B31.8. As the oil and gas industry continues to adjust to regulation, Kahuna has personnel to proactively interpret and apply federal codes, 49-CFR-192 and 195 for Gas and Liquid lines.

Strategic placement and design have been the key to developing cost effective and productive fields in all the gas plays Kahuna is active in. Small well pad compression units through sites designed and developed for up to 200MMSCFD have been engineered and constructed in-house. There are ideal site locations that are generally considered flat and there are locations where terrain has dictated creative designs to minimize the impact yet maximize station capacity.


Project Experience

Permian Basin

9 Facilities/Stations; Multiple Pipeline Projects; 2BCFD Meter Stations Designs & Interconnects

Eagleford Basin

4 Facilities/Stations; Hundreds of Miles of Pipeline

Barnett Basin

2 Facilities/Stations; Multiple Pipeline Projects

Woodford Basin

5 Facilities/Stations; Hundreds of Miles of Pipeline

DJ-Niobrara Basin

9 Facilities/Stations; Multiple Pipeline Projects

Williston Basin

8 Facilities/Stations; Hundreds of Miles of Pipeline

Marcellus/Utica Basin

21 Facilities/Stations; Hundreds of Miles of Pipeline

Piceance Basin

13 Facilities/Stations; Hundreds of Miles of Pipeline

Uintah Basin

3 Facilities/Stations; Multiple Pipeline Projects